Our Approach

It has long been established that alternative investments – investments that do not move in lock step with the stock and bond markets – can be an invaluable component of a properly diversified portfolio. As markets have become more unpredictable, investors have sought assets that are less correlated with the variations experienced with daily market pricing.

NHCohen Partners is dedicated to identifying quality opportunities for investors to diversify their holdings, with a special emphasis on real estate. The perspective and insight we have attained over some 35 years of marketplace experience underscore the value of prudence and realistic expectations, together with the indispensable need for thorough due diligence and carefully planned exit strategies.

Our approach is to create partnership opportunities carefully structured to help investors realize the many potential benefits of real estate, including income, capital appreciation, and tax and estate planning advantages, with preservation of capital receiving the highest priority. We have built enduring relationships with our clients based upon integrity and respect. These traits are the hallmarks of time-tested, successful real estate partnerships.

The Firm provides no assurance that any investment strategy described herein will result in a profit or protect against a loss.